New Caesarea Villa

Luxury Villa 7 Bedroom 500 / 1000 m²

Luxury Villa in the Golf Neighborhood

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Caesarea is on the map for international golfers. We sell a new luxury Villa which located in the Golf Neighborhood.

The professional golf course designed by Pete Dye, the world’s leading golf course architect, is next to the luxurious “Shchunat Ha’Golf” (Golf Neighborhood).
Caesarea residents enjoy a unique experience which blends a villa with an enchanted coast, an ancient port, and a challenging and exhilarating golf course – a combination unlike any in the world.

The size of the land of the Villa  is 1000 square / meter,
The size of the Vila is 500 square /meter

The Caesarea Golf Residence. The Right Community.

Inspired by the prestigious golf communities that flourished around Pete Dye golf courses worldwide, the Caesarea Golf Neighborhood was created.

This uniquely upscale neighborhood, located near the Golf Club, offers people like yourself an unparalleled quality of life in Israel.

Dozens of select families who purchased lots in the neighborhood have built their dream homes and are enjoying a vibrant community life, excellent education system as well as quality cultural facilities, convenient access to the Caesarea’s spectacular beaches in addition to an array of employment and recreational opportunities in a particularly fine environment.